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Its not just about design

A good looking website alone will not bring visitors to your site. SmartFolio design professional good looking websites that look good and help deliver visitors. How do we do this?

If you would like a quote for a website please fill out our online form to help us to better understand the requirements of your web site. Web design quotations are free and you are under no obligation to accept our offer so what are you waiting for. Get a Smart Quote

We will optimise your web site content to improve your search engine rankings. With optimisation your web site will be on or near the first page of the search results when users perform a search using your keywords. Without optimisation you may find yourself several pages back as many of your competitors will have better optimised web pages. Optimisation is recommended for businesses who would like to receive business from online customers rather than to simply have their web site listed. Get a Smart Quote

Having a contact form in your web design allows customers to contact you direct from your website, without having to open up their email client software (i.e. Outlook Express). Contact forms also help reduce the likelihood of junk emails. Get a Smart Quote

A Google Map integrated on to your website design allows users to interact with the map, i.e. zoom out, move around to find a clearer picture of where exactly you are located, rather than just using a static map image of your location. Get a Smart Quote

If you currently own your own domain name, we can transfer it to our server. By doing this it allows us to easily maintain your website and also to create professional e-mail accounts for your business amongst other tasks. Get a Smart Quote

Most website designs feature standard static graphics and photos. A Slideshow lifts the quality and appeal of your web design and can provide more information per page by rotating pictures or graphics and allow for a more professional and informative look. Get a Smart Quote

Broadband has opened the internet up to allow better content. Video Implementation will take your existing video and implement it onto your web design. Get a Smart Quote

We can implement professional statistics and reports onto your website that will allow you to see exactly where your visitors came from, when they visited your site, what pages work and much more. Analysis is highly recommended for those who would like to receive and improve business through their websites. Get a Smart Quote

We can write the content for your website, which includes optimising it for search engines. This is ideal for those who find it difficult or lack the time to write content for their websites. Get a Smart Quote

Email forwarding gives you a professional looking email address (i.e. that matches your business name and website address. You can advertise this on your website and elsewhere. These professional email addresses appeal more to your website visitors than a typical home email address like @hotmail or @aol would provide. Get a Smart Quote

Email Mailboxes expand on email forwarding but also allow you to use your existing email client software (i.e. Outlook Express, Outlook) to reply or send emails using the same professional looking email address. Without a mailbox you can only receive emails with your professional address which are automatically forwarded on to your existing email account but when you reply it will be using your current existing email account and will not appear from your professional name. Mailboxes also allow you to access your email from any internet computer anywhere in the world. Get a Smart Quote

We can provide the facility whereby we can convert any of your existing documentation into PDF format which is easily accessible by most internet users. This will allow your website visitors to easily download documentation to their computers. We can also provide the downloads in other formats. Get a Smart Quote

We can take any of your existing photographs and improve them for a web design, removing any artefacts, date prints, colour correction or even transform them into works of art. Get a Smart Quote

Recommended for a long term solution. Essentially this is the only advertising the customer should ever need to do. The Customer can budget the amount that they would like to spend through Adwords on a weekly or monthly basis, and increase the amount as sales increase. Get a Smart Quote

Content Management is ideal for those who have time and would like to be able to update their website in the future in the easiest possible way, similar to editing a word document. The Content Management software is customised for your web design, allowing you to access and edit it with ease. Note Content Management only allows you to Add/Change/Remove text and pictures. It does not allow you to alter the web design of the site. Get a Smart Quote

If you have an existing website that is poor in design, navigation or content it will badly let down the image of your business. We can renovate your existing website, improving the design, navigation and content and also recommending ways to gain more repeat business. Get a Smart Quote

We've got the answers to all of your questions. Simply call our webteam now or leave a callback request.

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